Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Like You Do Lyrics

In the wake of loving you
I've found a reason to be true
My bad intentions let me down
And I am laying here disarmed
I wasn't looking for true love
Just a little bit of fun
Now somehow I can’t let you go
Oh, oh oh, oh oh

Nobody does it like you do, like you do
Nobody does it like you do

Ain't that just the lovin' game
And I always played the same
Many have tried and many failed
Wear them as trophies 'round my neck
Gone are my ever-rambling ways
I'm gonna love to the grave
Only one thing I know for sure
Oh, oh oh, oh oh

Feet in the air head on the ground
Didn't know I was missing 'til I got found

Nobody does it like you do

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