Monday, September 22, 2014

Swear and Shake at Governor's Ball 2013

Some great Swear and Shake promo shots from Governor's Ball 2013. 

Photography by Michael Didyoung and Ellen Fedors.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Daggers Lyrics

Tell me again of the road and its turns
Anything to brighten your words
If even those words are daggers to me
Let those daggers cut you free
Come out of hiding, it’s clear what you need
There’s a whole in your heart it’s starting to bleed
If time will not mend it, you need to leave
If not for yourself then me

Marlon, I don’t stand a chance
This house could never hold your heart
No need to drag it out

Imagine me, Marlon, here all alone
Did you think of this house and us growing old?
It’s the one sweetened thought (that’s) kept darkness away
Never did it cross your mind

Now that your calling’s become such a curse

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wishful Thinking On Seagrass Shoal Lyrics

Straight from the witch’s brew
There’s colors just for you
But no one can see them, or touch them,
Or magic marker on their sleeves
Lemon, lover, give ‘em hell
Let grandma hear your rebel yell
I say pierce it, dye it, rip your jeans any which way
Little Green Knight mow the lawn
There’s always work to be done
Uh oh, but workin’ and working too hard
Will make you go pop

Doctor up that smile for me
And tell me it’s all right (Tell me it’s all right)
A little lie would help me sleep tonight
“The change will do you good,” they say
Yeah, well I felt fine before (I felt fine before)
So make believe
And lie to me once more

Mrs. Kellner make a toast
For you say you saw your father's ghost
They don't believe you
Forget them
'Cause I truly do
Swan he didn't want to wait
Took a bus across the continental United States
And saw Denver and Cleveland and Scranton
And tasted the wine
I hear it makes you go pop

Round and round we go
And not a day goes by
Without changing my mind
They say it's in my blood
To get like this
A fear I sometimes feel
So I breathe your woes
The world is flat
The world is round
It doesn't matter in this small town
Because no one leaves
And no one comes
This is all that it will ever be
And no one's gonna argue me now
I don't want to fight you in this made up land (Ad naeseum

Smile just a little more believably

Esmeralda take my hand
I'm going to Candyland
And you'll fit in much better
As a construction paper cut out

Ain't That Lovin'

Hey folks!

Been a while since we posted. We are so pleased to announce that we have a new EP available for you guys! Introducing: Ain't That Lovin'!

Get the digital download here.
Order the compact disc here

We've also made a chord book for the record, which includes the music for Brother and Fire as well. Download the free PDF here

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Like You Do Lyrics

In the wake of loving you
I've found a reason to be true
My bad intentions let me down
And I am laying here disarmed
I wasn't looking for true love
Just a little bit of fun
Now somehow I can’t let you go
Oh, oh oh, oh oh

Nobody does it like you do, like you do
Nobody does it like you do

Ain't that just the lovin' game
And I always played the same
Many have tried and many failed
Wear them as trophies 'round my neck
Gone are my ever-rambling ways
I'm gonna love to the grave
Only one thing I know for sure
Oh, oh oh, oh oh

Feet in the air head on the ground
Didn't know I was missing 'til I got found

Nobody does it like you do

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be Your Strength Lyrics

I don’t want to lose this thing
I can see your feet slipping
Through mud and the dirt
We’ll make this work
Darling, I will be your strength

I know it’s been hard work
Lately it’s been getting worse
Some will deceive you
But I will never leave you


Don’t listen to what they say
People can say hurtful things
They don’t see you the way that I do
Let me be your everything
Even when the light is gone
As a living thing you push on
I’m part of you, you’re part of me too
And I will give you everything

Darling, darling

I’m part of you, you’re part of me
I’m part of you, you’re part of me

Good As Gone Lyrics

I left New York City and its winter sting
I woke up hours later to a Carolina spring
The snow on the streets had turned to blue-green grass
It had been a little while since I’d seen anything like that
Soon enough you realize all the things you’ve lost
A dream for a dream and that’s exactly what it costs
The hearth of a home you trade it for the road
The light of a lover it all goes to the show

Don’t go, I can’t stay little darlin’
When I make a plan
I take it to the bottom
Don’t go, I can’t stay little missy
When I made a plan to cross the Mississippi
Don’t go, can’t you see I’m good as gone?

It stays on my conscience with each new passing town
The death in my family that I won’t see to the ground
The memory of a man and all for which he stood
There’s many things I left that no one ever should.

Don’t go, I can’t stay don’t you get it?
When I make a plan it’s hard to forget it
DOn’t go, I an’t stay that’s for certain
You don’t need to hurt me, I’m already hurtin’
Don’t go, can’t you see I’m good as gone?

You can leave but don’t come back
You can leave but don’t come back
You can leave but don’t come back
Don’t let the Verrazano slam you on the way out, boy
You’re gonna be the death of me
It’s better than being half alive in New York City.

Don’t go, I can’t stay little vixen
When I made a plan to cross the Mason-Dixon
Don’t go , I can’t stay don’t you get it
When I make a plan it’s hard to forget it.
Don’t go, can’t you see I’m good as gone?

Photos by David E. Jackson

We had an amazing time in Appleton, WI, this summer. Here's a photo we love taken by the very talented, very friendly, very handsome David E. Jackson.

To view more photos from this series, view this blog spot on Mile of Music