Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mercury Lounge

It's happening!

Finishing Maple Ridge

You've all been very patient with us, so I thought I'd give you a rough timeline on the release our first full-length record, "Maple Ridge."

In January 2012, We'll release our documentary on the record-making process. Shot on location at Maple Ridge, filmmaker Michael Oshins did an incredible cutting together the most musical week of our lives. It's also chock-full of interviews with Kari, me, and producer Ben Goldstein, who wears a crazy ass shirt. You'll have to wait for the finished doc to see the shirt, but here are some stills:

Around mid-January, they'll be a few tracks available for streaming. Most certainly "Marbles," a track that features 10 different players, including a circus of Louisiana-style woodwinds and horns, a ton of gang vocals, and an expansive world of percussion that pushes the song along. You can here a rough live performance of that tune here, but it's night and day compared to the studio recording.

By the beginning of February, you'll be able to sing along as you watch our music video for "These White Walls," a high energy folk rock tune where you can really hear Kari pour her heart out. Friend and photographer/filmmaker Ben Morse insisted we do some of the shooting outside, despite the freezing cold rain. It was totally worth it. Here are some mobile uploads from the day:

You can view some of Ben Morse's other work here.

By the start of March, you'll have heard two or three of the ten songs on the record. The official release party will be mid-March. We're planning on making it our biggest show to date: getting all of the many musicians that played on the record out to perform with us, and packing out whatever NYC venue we decide on. By the end of March and into April, we'll be touring with the record at many more east coast cities.

Today's important too. I'm releasing the album artwork. Visualize it with me: a retro uncoated finish with foil stamping for the letters and maple seed insignia.

Thanks so much for your patience. Now that's it's nearing completion, I couldn't be more proud. This record means a lot to me, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.

Much love,
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