Friday, November 4, 2011

"For Better, For Worse" - A New Single

While spending almost all of our time working on the Maple Ridge LP, touring around the country, and writing new material, we also had a unique opportunity to cut a single with some very sharp NYC producers. The clip below is a new tune we'll soon be releasing as a single (iTunes, Amazon and more) titled, "For Better, For Worse." It was mixed by Brian Malouf of Cookie Jar Recordings, Los Angeles, CA, (All American Rejects, O.A.R. and more).

Check out these photos that we took while recording as you listen to the track, and please let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook and here on our blog!

For Better, For Worse by Swear and Shake

Shaun laying it down.
The view from the studio: Madison Square Garden.
Producer Lee Nadel

The single cover.

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  1. Dig the new track and single cover. Dig it! Like, with a shovel dig it!